Termites and your air conditioner

Pest control companies spend some of their time during inspections looking for wet areas under or around your home. These wet areas can attract termites. Drips from plumbing with just a few drops a minute are enough to cause the problem.


Termite paths into your home

Air conditioners produce gallons per day and most installations dump this water right at the foundation of your home. Besides being unsightly and a possible source for mosquito breeding, chronic wet soil can draw termites to the foundation of your home. Foundation drainage

We offer the installation of a small drainage field at the exit point of the air conditioner’s condensate drainage. What is necessary is an area about 5 or 6 feet away from the outside wall of your home where we can dig and install this field.Foundation drainage-2

This drainage system may require periodic attention just like your air conditioner’s existing drain. But it will dry up the area at your foundation. Even if your home has no known problems this is a good practice to prevent future problems.

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