American Standard Nexia Home Automation

Last Christmas my son and daughter-in-law gave us a new Alexa Echo Dot. At first I was concerned that this small device listened in to even whispered conversations. Seeing the little blue circle light up when I said anything close to ‘alexa’ was unnerving at first…

Empire of the Ants

But after a month or so I found myself welcoming my new robot overlord.

Within 15 minutes we had downloaded the Nexia app from Amazon and said, ‘alexa, turn down the kitchen to 70 degrees’ and, bob’s-your-uncle, I heard the air conditioner kick on. Nothing to it.

Let me explain what Nexia is and what is has to do with your heating and cooling system.

Nexia is a system of home automation that uses Z-Wave technology to control devices around your home without the need for communication wires. American Standard thermostats are available with Nexia built-in.

With Nexia installed you are able to control your thermostat from anywhere you have an internet connection, right from your smartphone.


If you choose to you can link your American Standard system to Swinson Air Conditioning Secure Diagnostic Platform that monitors your system for errors and reports problems to us 24/7.

Nexia Diagnostics

Alert Screen

We can check that everything is ok

Zone Screen

It connects to our room-by-room zoning system to keep every corner of your home just the right temp or turn off unused areas

Runtime History

Lets us see how the system reacts to the outside world.

Think this is overly complex? In the five years since Nexia and our digitally control Platinum systems were introduced they are the most trouble free equipment  that we maintain. Here are some important facts:

  • Out of hundreds of Platinum Air Handlers we have yet to have a blower motor fail. Zero failures so far and that even includes lightning. We process wheelbarrow loads of other brand’s motors under warranty and out of warranty.
  • Two auxiliary heater boards
  • No fan control boards
  • No Electronic Expansion valve boards
  • Two router connection issues for thermostats

Nexia thermostats also come with a manufacturer’s 10 YEAR warranty when purchased with a new system.

So  who cares if Google knows that your living room is 74 degrees. Start enjoying the benefits of Nexia today.

Joan collins

Long live NEXIA!!





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