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Fallcheck time is here – It's not too late to have your heating system checked

Your heating system runs more at night during cold weather than your cooling system does. It’s always prudent to have your system safety inspection before the cold winter nights arrive. We found this Heating Contactor that was outside the normal … Continue reading

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Stains on your ceiling – warped flooring

High humidity can cause mold and mildew Continue reading

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American Standard Nexia Home Automation

Last Christmas my son and daughter-in-law gave us a new Alexa Echo Dot. At first I was concerned that this small device listened in to even whispered conversations. Seeing the little blue circle light up when I said anything close … Continue reading

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Ewwwww!!! Swinson AC has a the only one in captivity

Heating and Air Conditioning systems do several things to the air in your home or office: Cooling Heating Drying Cleaning When your system is performing the first two items on that list it is easy to notice when it isn’t … Continue reading

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Testing your home for leaks

A long time customer recently purchased a home. The customer replaced a defective thermostat with a newer version that displayed interior humidity. The heat pump system in their home was a better than average two speed system. As a point … Continue reading

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Termites and your air conditioner

prevent termite infestation Continue reading

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Water condensation under house

Yesterday I had a conversation with an insulation contractor regarding the installation of insulation (say that three times real fast) in a client’s attic. This prompted the post yesterday¬†about water stains on the ceiling. Today we were involved with a … Continue reading

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